Booking Appointment Basics

How to book an appointment through the USchedule Create New Appointment interface:


* Please Note:  The USchedule New Appointment Interface is highly customizable.  The site you are using may appear somewhat different than the one in this example, but functionality and use of the system remains fundamentally the same.  Greater detail and more advanced options can be found elsewhere in help (see help contents).


First, find the Online Appointments or Book Online link on the site you wish to book an appointment through.  This will bring you to the Create New Appointment page.  In order to continue with your booking you will either have to register as a customer and/or log in.




Register Now: Once you have completed all required fields and submit your registration you will be logged in and able to continue with your booking.  You will receive an email with your user name and password, be sure to save this email.


Login: Log in with the user name and password you chose when you registered.  In some cases the company you are booking an appointment with may have registered on behalf of you.  If this is the case you can find your user name and password in an email that was sent to you at the time of registration. If you have purchased a pre-paid service card, please see Using Pre-Paid Service Cards


Under the Choose Appointment By heading there are three options for finding an appointment:  Date and Time, Next Available Appointment and Next Available Appointment by Date. A fourth option, Recurring Appointments may also be available.


Date and Time: By default the Date and Time option is selected (see image above).  This allows you to select the date and time you wish to book an appointment.  Only available times for the selected service will be displayed.


Next Available Appointment: This option will display a list of available appointments for the selected service beginning with the closest bookable appointment to the current time and date.  This is not a complete list, use the Date and Time option to view all available appointments for a selected date.



Next Available Appointment by Date:  A combination of the first two options, this allows you to select a date and then displays a list of available appointments beginning from that date.




The next step in booking is to filter your search for an available appointment by Service Category, Service, Staff Member, Time of Day, and if you are using one of the Next Available options, select how many available appointments to display.


* Please Note: Choose Service is the only required selection in this section, all others are optional.



Now select the appointment time you wish to book and click Add Reservation (this button may be labeled differently on other sites).  You will either see a confirmation message, or be asked to confirm your selection depending on how the site you are using is configured.


To view all appointments you have booked, click View Your Appointments in the Actions menu: